Thursday, 17 July 2014

First Post.

So, I'm going to start blogging again, or at least try to.  I kept a LiveJournal blog through university but then I transitioned to wife/job/mortgage/kids around the same time as a lot of my friends moved from LiveJournal to Facebook.  I found I had less time to post, and many of the people I was following on LiveJournal stopped posting so there was less incentive to visit the site and I just drifted away.  I've never wanted anything to do with Facebook, and while I've considered Google+ since I think it's the better platform, I just don't really care for the format of short frequent updates.

In the intervening seven or so years I have gotten married, gotten a job, bought a house, had three children, sold a house, bought land, built some of a house, bought a tractor, built more of a house,  continued my job working from home, bought a bus and lived in it, built more of a house, moved into a half built house, installed fencing and irrigation, planted trees, bought livestock, written off a car (and survived, thanks Volvo), bought a new car, dug entirely too many trenches with a shovel and mattock, built enough of a house to be allowed to live in it, built a chicken coop, eaten home grown livestock and produce, and still not finished a house (and probably never will).  Recently I've decided to devote some time and energy to pursing a hobby, doing something because I want to and not because it needs to be done, and to that end I've begun setting up a home server.

I have this tendency when I do things to approach them from my own direction rather than following the well worn path, and this means that I often come across problems that few others have encountered.  So far while setting up this server I've had various problems to solve and for many of them I couldn't find a ready solution.  I've had to muddle through with bits and pieces of information from here and there and now have half a notepad full of commands and switches and other notes which I want to get organised.  I've submitted a few bug reports and added a forum post here and there where it was relevant but I want to keep all this stuff organised where I can find it.

This is where this blog comes in.  The purpose of this blog and the associated Hacks website is going to be to document the things I've tried, the problems I've encountered, and the solutions I've come up with.  For a while I expect it will be dominated with software related things but as time goes on I intend to blog about other projects and solutions, and once I get back into the swing of blogging maybe I'll start philosophising again.

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